To teach children and adults the richness of music by learning a musical instrument, to venture musical experiments with them and to try out ideas, is always an interesting stimulus for my own composing. The first compositions were written for the competitions "Jugend musiziert", because there was hardly any playable material for brass instruments in the contemporary music category. Exploring something new, in addition to developing traditional playing techniques and pieces, is a completely different challenge to which the young musicians dedicate themselves with curiosity and enthusiasm.

Lessons in: horn, trumpet, ensemble, recorder course, singing, children's choir, piano, guitar - song accompaniment

MusiKreativ - Experimental Music and Composition Courses for Children and Young People

to try out noises and sounds, to play with them, to explore their dependencies on movements, spatial and acoustic conditions, to arrange them and to interact with the other creatives - until at the end an exciting and interesting musical experiment can be presented -

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   that is  MusiKreativ

school of music in Neustrelitz / Germany

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school of music in Gilching / Germany

compositions for pupils - selection

Drei Hornquartette - Three Horn Quartets

For horn quartet no.1 the horn players need metal thimbles to beat rhythms in the bell. Horn Quartet No. 2 consists of rotating tones and sounds, the effect of which requires the players to distribute themselves throughout the room. Horn Quartet No. 3 requires the horn players to speak, sing and play alternately.

Dialog zwischen Trompete und Flügel - Dialogue between trumpet and piano

A composition in graphic notation for "Jugend musiziert", without concretely defined tone pitches and tone durations. The focus is, within a given total playing time, the demonstration of different sounds - COLOURS, both in the trumpet part and in the piano part, the testing of creative possibilities within the framework of the graphic specifications and the joint decision for a certain, creatively worked out interpretation.


The jury confirmed to the two musicians a high degree of creativity, concentration, fantasy and seriousness in the exciting first performance, without any impression of arbitrariness.

Die Geisterstunde - The Ghostly Hour


for symphonic wind ensemble in 4 movements: the giant, the witch, fairies, dwarves, was composed for the woodwinds and brass of the youth symphony orchestra of the music school Neustrelitz and premiered in 1999 at the Theater Neustrelitz.


The Ghostly hour - 4. the dwarves
recorded in 1999
for goodbye and
as a reminder
of pupils, parents
and teachers
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Piano Pieces

verträumt - dreamy      - a piano piece into which the player sinks and runs the risk of no longer "appearing" - 2012

dis.harmonie   - a piano piece for four hands, in which the two players quarrel musically about the place at the piano, displacing each other,  and encourage other playing ideas. The strings in the body of the piano are plucked, overtones are made audible, metres dissolved and much more.

Guitar - song accompaniment courses at the family centre Neustrelitz

Basic knowledge for independent accompaniment of songs and hits for teenagers and adults

Music education with guitar course for teacher professions at the Institute for Social Research and Professional Further Education -ISBW- Neustrelitz



song accompaniment in the keys C major, A minor, G major, E minor, D major, A major, E major


simple and more complex accompaniment patterns


Accompaniment by symbols and by ear


various striking and plucking techniques


Theory of music, harmony, rhythm, improvisation, sound stories, music and movement


singing and accompanying children's songs


Didactic basics for music teaching 



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