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Ute Blohm

Guitar, Vocals, Percussion

Doreen Rother

Vocals, Flutes, Melodion, Kantele ...

Andreas Wiebecke-Gottstein


Yvonne Strasen

Vocals, Percussion

Folkmusik mit Papillon
2019 with Corry Sindern

In a good mood and with a visible joy of playing, the ensemble "Papillon" lets music from Ireland, Russia, France, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Israel, Armenia, Estonia, Finland, Japan, Ukraine, Spain, Germany sound and fill ears and hearts with familiar and unusual melodies.


Papillon by Facebook  


As butterflies fly from flower to flower and collect nectar, the musicians of "Papillon" collect melodies and dances from all over the world, make them their own and present the resulting songs and instrumental pieces in an exciting and varied way in their concert programmes.


Music can overcome borders, connect people, it is a piece of home and freedom. The musicians rely on it with nyckelharpa, a sonorous old instrument, various flutes, kalimba, shrutibox, an instrument which itself made an adventurous journey from old Europe to India, melodion, percussion, guitar and singing.


Ensemble Papillon spielt Folkmusik
2018 with Nadine Böttger