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Szenische Klagegesänge gegen den Krieg - Songs of lament against the war

for 3 vocalists, 3 actress, 7 musicians and choir

using original german, italian, serbian, romanian, russian, irish, swedish, corsian laments, a german song of soldiers and a yiddish dance, poems by F. Rückert,

M. Dauthendy, H. Seidel and bible passages (Lamentations of Jeremiah)   -   First release 2007 


Lamento Ausschnitt_1.mp3
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Lamento Ausschnitt_2.mp3
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Lamento Ausschnitt_3.mp3
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Lamento Ausschnitt_4.mp3
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Lamento Ausschnitt_5.mp3
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performers of the first release

Antje Seele - soprano, Maria Schlestein - mezzosoprano, Christina Holzinger - alto,

Franka Anne Kahl, Katrin Heinrich, Karin Hartmann - actress, mixed choir

Elke Erben - violin, Judith Sikora - viola, Silke Dietrich - cello, Johanna Bartz - flute,

Katharina Meyer - clarinet, Anja Engel - french horn, Michael Rappold - percussion,

Raik Liebling - light, Doreen Rother - conzeption, stage directing, conducting

 Lilie: Kerstin Steinberg 

König Rother

Opera, scoring the medieval gleenmans epic "König Rother" by a nameless poet

Mittelalteroper König Rother von Doreen Rother
König Rother Handlung Libretto von Doreen Rother
Abstract / Storyline
König Rother Besetzung
Dramatis Personae

König Rother
Dietmar Lahaine als fahrender Minnesänger
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Blôzen wir den anger
Lied der Königstochter.mp3
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Ist Lieb ein Feur  - When Love is like Fire

Musical play about life and work of the baroque poet Sibylla Schwarz

libretto: Henriette Sehmsdorf / Ulrich Frohriep


Composition mandat  of the OPERNALE 2014 in cooperarion with Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop (grant)

world premiere at 1. August 2014 at the baroque castle Griebenow

20 performances at different locations

during the OPERNALE on Tour 2014




performers:    Susanne Groß -  actress (Sibylla), Barbara Ehwald - soprano, Lars Grünwoldt - baritone

                          Beate Bugenhagen/Thomas Friedländer - cornet, Matthias Schneider/Benjamin Saupe - harpsichord

                          Henriette Sehmsdorf - stage direction, Tom Hornig - stage design, Stefanie Gruber - costume

                              OPERNALE 2014 als Preisträger "Land der Ideen - Kultur"



Sibylla Schwarz was the youngest daughter of Christian Schwarz,  the mayor of Greifswald and lived from 1621 to 1638 during the Thirty Years' War.

She received a private education and began to translate dutch baroque poems into german.

Later Sibylla wrote her own poems about friendship, love, world and death to mark different events like jubilees, birthdays and other festivities.

Score of introduktion
Score of introduktion
Score of 8. scene
Score of 8. scene
Ist Lieb ein Feur - sonett scoring in baroque style
Recording to apply for the grant and the composer mandat, november 2013
Soprano: Anja Kamischke

Ist lieb ein feuer.mp3
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paper of discussion
paper of discussion

Lilith - a project, that will set the poem "The children of Lilith" by Isolde Kurz 

in music (voices, instruments and choir)                                                                                                            in progress..

Instrumental Music - Selection

Ebenen - a piece for violoncello and marimba



These experimental pieces can be combined in different ways. First, they can be used as solo parts. Second,  they can be combined together but with a large degree of freedom for the soloists. Finally, there is a score for cello with marimba accompaniment.

six piano pieces inspired by poems by Mario Wirz

The six piano pieces were composed for a reading with the poet Mario Wirz. To express the different, multi-faceted moods of the poems I also used unusual sounds, rhythms, concepts and noises.

1  atem.puls

1 breath.pulse

2  traum.klang

2 dream.sound

3  zeit.raum


4  kreis.wellen

4 circle.waves

5  fabel.wesen

5 legends.creatures

6  ab.gesang


1 atem_puls_Ausschnitt.mp3
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2 traum_klang.mp3
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3 zeit_raum_Ausschnitt.mp3
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4 kreis_wellen_Ausschnitt.mp3
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5 fabel_wesen_Ausschnitt.mp3
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6 ab_gesang_Ausschnitt.mp3
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penta..chord     for five musicians, located at different places in the room

for flute, clarinet, french horn, violoncello and glockenspiel

The musicians are located at five different places (see the plan) behind the audience. This will allow the audience to experience and realise the motion of the sound, and the changing of acoustic colour in the room.

Aufbegehren - a piece for flute traverse, strings and marimba / xylophone



This composition is aimed at expressing the relatioship between the individual and the society. But it is also a hommage to the beautiful sound of the flute traverse. 

Vocal Music

aphorisms for sopran0, baritone, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, violoncello and contrabass


The composition is scoring the following three aphorisms:


1      To arrive the spring you have to swim

        against the current

2      Blind faith has an evil glance

3      A little piece of stupidity can ruin all the wisdom

Regen. Blüten. Steine. - rain. blossoms. stones

This vocal music was composed for 2 female vocalists and voices for choir to celebrate an exhibition in the Art galery of "Alte Kachelofenfabrik" Neustrelitz in 2004. The paintings of the artists Marion Kahnert (Sweden) and Kitty Hubbard (USA) were inspired by the exciting relationship between humans and their enviroment. At the first release, the singers of the choir were singing, speaking, and making noise amidst the audience. In so doing, they animated the audience to participate in the performance.

tohuwabohu - tohubohu



tohuwabohu - a poem by the austrian poet Ernst Jandl. In this poem he is playing with words, syllables, parts of words, letters, and change their definitions, connotations and associations. The poem can be compared with a graphic art. The composition follows this intension humerously.

Kraniche - song of cranes

a piece for soprano, saxofone and live electronic with originale calls of the cranes - lyrics by Tom Rother

In Schwärmen ziehen Kraniche südwärts am herbstlich blauen Himmel.

Ihr sehnsuchtsvoller Schrei durchdringt die Stille ringsumher.

Kahl und verlassen liegt das Land, wo fern vom menschlichen Gewimmel

sich See und Wald und Feld im Wechsel dehnen bis zum Meer.


"Komm folge uns!", so scheint der Ruf der Kraniche mir zu verkünden.

"Du kannst dem Winter und der Kälte doch, wie wir, entfliehn!

Dort in der Fremde wirst du neues Glück und neue Freunde finden.

Komm, schwing dich auf, es ist ganz leicht! Willst du nicht mit uns ziehn?" 

"Ich kann nicht mit euch ziehn, zu fest bin ich an dieses Land gebunden, / zu schwer wiegt die Erinnerung an frohe Sommerzeit,

an helle Tage, warme Nächte - hier hab ich die Kraft gefunden, / die mich ertragen lässt den kalten Hauch der Dunkelheit."


"Ich kann nicht mit euch ziehn. Die Fremde würde doch nur fremd mir bleiben. / Zu viel schon hab ich hier gelitten und geliebt, gelacht.

Und irgendwann wird neues Licht die lange Dunkelheit vertreiben; / noch folgte stets ein neuer Morgen jeder langen Nacht."


In Schwärmen ziehen Kraniche nordwärts am frühlingsblauen Himmel. / Ihr hoffnungsvoller Schrei durchdringt die Stille ringsumher.

Im Farbenrausch erwacht das Land, wo fern vom menschlichen Gewimmel / sich See und Wald und Feld im Wechsel dehnen bis zum Meer.


other songs

Venedig - Venice     for soprano and keyboard

Vollmond - full moon    for soprano and piano

Minneliedvertonungen - 16 songs of minstrel for vocalists instruments (lyrics from the Codex Manesse )  see ... "Musikprojekte/Minnelieder"

song arrangements for "Ceol" 

song arrangements for  "Papillon" 

compositions especially for students  ...  see  ...  Lehrtätigkeit